Camp KAZ is a Tokyo-based production company specializing in TV commercials and other advertising.
Founded in 2003, our directors have a reputation for continuously delivering highly creative works,
while our producers are known for helming projects
that simultaneously met the needs of both the client and the agency.


If you are thinking of filming in Japan, especially TV commercials or other advertising, Camp KAZ can provide you with a complete production service package from location research, to shooting, to post-production coordination.

We have an experienced bilingual production service team who will work with you to fulfill the unique needs of a commercial production shoot, such as hospitality for client and talent, booking professional local cast and crew, and controlling fiscally complicated projects.

Camp KAZ is a member of the TYO Group, one of the foremost advertisement
and entertainment production groups in Japan. Working with us, you can take
full advantage of the TYO network to provide you with reliability, service, security, and creativity.